Over 45’s – Nat’s High Interest

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
We currently have 22 nominations for the over 45s team for the Nationals in September. This bloody exciting: a selection process rather than a press gang process.
Before we name a team we would like to have a look at some of the players and thought the way to do it was to slip the hopefuls into a game with our top performing Monday night side on Monday 24 May – i.e. next Monday.
Agreement is that the ANU Midweek 1 is the best we have.
My cunning plan for the night is in the Draw (front page) with changes in RED.
  • We will have nominations from players in other teams who will not be available for their normal game. That is why I have informed all managers;
  • We would like ANU to supply the strongest team possible. I reckon Barton could help out with a few extras if required;
  • Barton will get a credit for the extra bye;
  • Thanks to Vikings for agreeing to take the road trip, and Doug Dawson for volunteering Barton to take the extra Bye (well I think that is what he said).


Leo Clarke