LifeNight – the Round-up

The Masters Hockey calendar for this year saw our LifeNight become two life nights, with the short North/South play-offs to be then followed by the social gathering / games night.

That is, the two Mondays (being the 4th and the 11th of April) saw the North Vs Souths teams take to the field, with the “Keeper of the Flame” Trophy ultimately going to the Southside.  Whilst there was a call for recruits for a ‘white’ or “Outside”, the numbers just didn’t translate this year.  Hopefully in 2023 the Outsiders will also make the cut.

At around 8:00 pm on the second evening, the Life Night Games Show got under way.  Several lucky-door/raffle prizes were distributed, and this was well supervised by our own showman Craig (in a fetching, Nige crocheted head-dress).  Many of the winners were now also resplendent in their own new caps; and then some smiling with fluorescent stick-bag, a GaiterAid holder, or a new stick.  Warwick, our on-site-quiz-man ran two taxing ten question trivia, with a testing emphasis on the local hockey scene, and some international.  In these trivia quests, there certainly appeared to be strong pools of knowledge at the larger merged tables.  Picking up his well-earned trivia prize, hair care products from Cataldo’s Hair Salon is Parksie.

Madonna Blythe (Aus) and Delphina Merino (Arg)

Then MorrisT ran two of the usual find-a-ball, with the second game also incorporating a trivia feedback: (where is the ball? who are the players? [photo included]): a photo refurbished.

The monies collected at LifeNight will go to support the ACT Master’s Hockey donations to our selected charities:

  • ACT Prostate Cancer Support Group – ACT Region;
  • the Cancer Council;
  • and Rise Above.