Hockey Action Shots

As well as providing for highly competitive hockey, the Masters Nationals also provides an excellent opportunity for the ACT teams to gather socially as a single group.  And these dinner-functions  should not be missed as they contribute significantly to our particular identity and spirit as ACT Master’s Hockey touring sides.  The seating at dinner tables is generally taken as teams, with wives and supporters.  Opportunity is taken to briefly introduce teams, important for across-the-board identity and recognition, but particularly so for the newer players and new sides.

In the background, on generally available big-screen TV’s, we ‘carousel’ collections of old teams and action shots.  However, holding up this part of the tradition now needs some tweaks and changes.  We seem to be missing out on some good action and team shots and this could relate to now, the ‘smart-phone’ easily does such recording {use landscape mode & high-res}.

So my request is that if you have some shots, smart-phone or camera, for contribution to our ‘Nat’s Gallery’, you might upload them to me (at or provide a selection, on USB, to Warrick, Leo, Mark or Craig.


Morris Trevethan