Hockey Australia recently confirmed the details for the 2021 Australian Masters Hockey Championships, following several months of deliberations between the National Association, Local and State Government agencies. As you can imagine COVID19 and various restrictions were forefront in discussions.

Unlike previous years the 2021 Championships will be played across three venues and over an extended date period, and will include the Women’s Championship within the extended competition format.

Dates & Locations

The dates and locations, by Age group, are as follows:

34 40 40/2 45 45/2

Newcastle International Hockey Centre 23 September – 3 October 2021

(Matches and presentations complete by 1pm on 3 Oct 21)

50 55 60 65 70 75

Central Coast Hockey Park, Wyong 29 September – 9 October 2021

50/2 55/2 60/2 65/2

Maitland Hockey Turf 29 September – 9 October 2021


Nominations CLOSED.

ACT Masters plans to announce its Teams on 31 May 2021.

Player Team Levy

Each player is required to pay the Player Team Levy. The levy covers the team’s entry fee; Medical Support Staff including their travel, accommodation and materials; support staff; trophies and gifts for opposition teams and best and fairest trophies for ACT Teams. The Team Levy for 2021 has been set at $550 and is due by 15th July 2021.

The ACT Masters Hockey Committee is confident that the Masters Championships for 2021 will proceed and planning is well under way. In the event that the Tournament is cancelled due to a Covid19 incident, the ACT Masters Hockey Committee will arrange a refund (or part thereof) of the Player Levy depending on the timing of the cancellation of the Championships.

The normal expenses incurred by ACT Masters Hockey will be delayed as much as possible, to enable the maximum refund to be paid. To assist our players and limit any player’s loss, ACT Masters Hockey is prepared to cover a substantial part of any potential loss. However, a small percentage of any lost will need to be supported by our players as well to ensure our ongoing viability.

If the Championships are cancelled the following refund policy will apply to the Player Levy:

  • If cancelled before the 15th August 2021 100% refund of Levy.
  • If cancelled after the 16th August 2021 90% refund of Levy.


Accommodation Options

The Nomination process will also ask you to indicate whether you would like to utilize accommodation booked by ACT Masters Hockey at One Mile Beach and Lake Macquarie, see below. As you can imagine, accommodation is in high demand for such a large number of teams competing at the Championships. The Association will be required to place deposits for accommodation and an early indication from all Nominees will help us ensure we make best use of all rooms, and release any unwanted bookings early enough to avoid any penalties.

The below charges are approximate only, and will be confirmed with individuals who wish to take up the offer of Association-arranged accommodation.

One example of the approximate nightly accommodation charge on a per-person shared basis would be:

2 Bedroom Villa – 3 players sharing “One Mile Beach”

for each Player 12 Nights Accommodation.

$ 1,716.00

Player Deposit dates Requirements

Minimum % required


Now $ –
20th June 2021


$ 429.00
20th July 2021


$ 858.00
20th August 2021


$ 1,716.00

As it is a group booking cancellation Penalties would apply as below.

Cancellation Dates and Tariff Loss Prior to 60 days from arrival 60 Days or less from arrival 30 Days or less from arrival 7 days or less from arrival

Full cost of Accommodation

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fee

Per Player










Lake Macquarie:

Lake Macquarie Lakeside Caravan Park | Ingenia Holidays Lake Macquarie

One Mile Beach:

One Mile Beach Caravan Park Port Stephens | Ingenia Holidays One Mile Beach

ACT Masters Membership

Crucial to any involvement this year is membership of ACT Masters Hockey. If you have not yet completed your renewal, or new membership, please do so as soon as possible. A current membership is compulsory for all players and officials. If you have nominated as an official (Manager, Coach or Support Staff) please contact our Registrar ( to obtain details prior to completing the on-line registration/renewal.

To renew or register please follow this link:

Hospitality Tent Drinks

The Association believes the Hospitality Tent, drinks and social gathering will occur as usual, but have NOT included the cost of the drinks in the Player Levy this year. In the unlikely event that the hospitality tent social gathering can’t occur we don’t wish to charge players in advance then be faced with refunding part of the Levy to players. Team Managers will be coordinating the Hospitality aspects, probably on a day-by-day basis, during the Championships.

If you would like to discuss participating in this year’s Championships or require further information please contact Craig Johnston, ACT Masters Hockey Association Vice President via e-mail