ACTMHA Life Members

Life Members – ACT Masters Hockey Association

Vince O’Connor                     elected November 1993

      John Boyd                              elected 1994

Errol Bill                                 elected December 1995

Norrie O’Leary OAM             elected December 1995

Jack Thompson                     elected 1997

Ken McCasland                      elected December 1998

Don Gilson                             elected March 2012

Doug Dawson                        elected March 2013

      Marj Bray                               elected March 2015

Denis Lovell                           elected March 2015

John Nicholas                        elected March 2017

Leo Clarke                              elected March 2017

Warwick Bray                        elected March 2019

      Ken Briggs                             elected March 2020

      Scott Lyddiard                       elected March 2020

      Fin Everding                          elected March 2021

      Bob Parkes                             elected March 2021


ACT Masters Hockey Association has been well served by Life Members who are no longer with us. Whilst these people have left us to play the game with St Peter we wish to acknowledge their contributions and display our continuing gratitude for their efforts in getting us to where we are today.
Jack Thompson – elected 1997  The grandfather to us all, staunch supporter and keeper of the fire, and the esky when Mondays nights were for the brave few.
Jack left us on 26th Jan 2011 

John Boyd
– elected 1994  “Boydie” never played a game in his life but applied his sports training knowledge to ensure that everyone who wanted to could.
Boydie left us on the 27th March 2014.


Marj Bray – elected March 2015.

They live on in our memories.