Regie & Membership 2020

Please take a few minutes to renew your ACT Masters Hockey Membership for the 2020 Calendar Year, or if a new member, to join our club.  The fee for this membership is $22.04. It is also necessary that you complete your 2020 Hockey Registration at this time and through this process.

Thus, it is essential for all current members to log in and complete the simple registration step as early as possible in the 2020  Playing Year. Whilst players not previously registered with Hockey ACT will be required to provide full information, those with an existing record will simply need to update and confirm their details.


REGISTRATION IS VITAL to ensure you have insurance cover on the field.

Registration can only be completed by paying the Hockey Australia Levy when you register. This levy is a once only annual fee of $43.00 and covers your participation in all forms of the sport in 2020 (including club hockey, state and national championships and indoor). ACT players who pay the Levy in another state, or non-playing members, will not be charged the levy based on the type of membership they select.

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