Masters Hockey Recycling Initiative

We have been given the go-ahead by Hockey ACT to install collection bins at Hockey ACT venues, to capture eligible bottles, cans and ‘popper’ drink containers, which otherwise find their way in large numbers into general waste bins. The aim is to raise funds to help defray various expenses associated with attending national championships (eg. to support attending physios costs, which otherwise are included in player fees) and to support other member activities.

Initially these collection bins have been installed at the Lyneham Hockey Centre and in the New Year will be installed at the Tuggeranong centre. The aim is for committee members and volunteers to monitor and collect empties, bag them, and lodge them at ACT Container Deposit Scheme collection points for the 10c per container return.

In addition, Masters members and their families, if not already doing so for personal benefit, may like to collect and lodge containers to credit the ACT Masters Hockey Return it Express account, thereby increasing our returns.

The procedures for depositing bagged containers are quite simple – and a guide is available <LINK>


  1. Collect eligible bottles, cans and cartons – drink containers that are eligible under the ACT CDS are those that are commonly found in the litter stream. These include most glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and paper-based cartons that are between 150 millilitres and 3 litres. PLEASE remove the lids from the eligible drink containers – consider giving the lids to a recycling station.
  2. Place containers in a slightly see-through plastic bag and tie it up – the white bin liners you can purchase from most supermarkets are acceptable and all bags are recycled.
  3. Drop off your containers – you can return eligible drink containers to Drop & Go Point or Drop & Go Pod. There are a number of these return points located across the ACT – there is one near you!
  4. We will receive a 10 cent refund for each eligible drink container you return.


If dropping bags at a Drop and Go collection centre (such as participating Salvos or St Vincents depot) you:

  1. Use the touch screen to log in to our account by completing the phone number by entering 262583328
  2. ACT Masters Hockey comes up as the account.
  3. enter number of bags and press print print label(s)
  4. Attach labels to bag
  5. place bags in collection skips or hand to collection staff (in some locations).


Drop and go collection points are listed at and include a number of Salvos and St Vincent stores as well as Drop & Go Pods across Canberra.

Please help us maximise returns from this project, as funds raised directly benefit members of ACT Masters Hockey.