Monday Masters Hockey Routine

Good afternoon everyone,

With a return to play on a Monday Night well underway and with a bunch of new umpires and players joining our ranks, it is a good time to remind all Teams and Umpires of a couple of key aspects of how we conduct the Monday Night competition.

  1. All Games are conducted in accordance with the Rules of Hockey, as laid down by FIH, and as implemented by Hockey ACT through their various competition By-Laws.
  2. Umpires should apply all rules, and appropriate penalties, as would be expected in any Hockey ACT Competition. This includes the awarding of Team Penalties through Penalty Corners and Penalty Strokes where appropriate, and the awarding of Personal Penalties through temporary or permanent suspensions (Green, Yellow and Red Card), again where appropriate.
  3. Games involve 2 x 25 min halves with a 5 min halftime break.


Game timings are as follows:

7:35pm – Game 1 First Half commences
8:00pm – Game 1 Half Time
8:05pm – Game 1 Second Half commences
8:30pm – Game 1 concludes

8:35pm – Game 2 First Half commences
9:00pm – Game 2 Half Time
9:05pm – Game 2 Second Half commences
9:30pm – Game 2 concludes

Other timings may be advised/adjusted by the ACT Masters Committee from time to time to meet Hockey ACT requirements and these will be advised to Team Coords and Umpires as necessary.

Umpires should commence the game on time (ie start the clock), even if teams are still taking the field. This is to avoid later games running overtime and lights going out before games are finished. In the unlikely event that both teams are ready prior to the designated start time Umpires should only commence the game (first half) with the concurrence of BOTH Team Captains.

Where a Team chooses not to play with a Goalkeeper, or is unable to source a Goalkeeper for a game, no adjustment to the normal Rules of Hockey is necessary. The Rules of Hockey changed several years ago to permit Teams to substitute/remove a Goalkeeper as part of the tactics of a match. The conduct of field play and Penalty Corners was not adjusted to make any compensation for the removal or absence of a Goalkeeper. There are no “special Masters rules” that require application on a Monday Night, ie Penalty Corners are played just as they would be with a Goalkeeper.

In any game we ask that common-sense be applied by ALL players in the use of lifted balls as shots at goal, especially where a Goalkeeper is absent. Participation is a principle aim of the Monday Night Competition and providing a safe playing environment is key to that aim.

Team Coords/Managers are asked to actively discourage approaches by players to umpires to make adjustments to rules and regulations.

Any questions or queries on game structure and rules should be directed to ACT Masters Hockey President, Leo Clarke, or the Vice President, Craig Johnston.

Team Coords/Managers are asked to pass this information to ALL players.

Stirling, please pass to all Umpires on your Monday Night Panel.

Many thanks. & Regards,

Craig (Craig Johnston, ACT Masters Hockey Vice President)