Umpiring $

ACT Veterans hockey is trying to develop umpires for the Canberra competition. We will compile a list of interested junior or senior umpires, male or female who are interested in improving their umpiring.


Each game consists of two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half time break. All games will be played at Lyneham. The competition is played in two divisions, and is a little more relaxed than normal competition. Vets provides umpires an opportunity to develop confidence and skill in a helpful and caring environment. A number of senior umpires play in the Vets competition and are able to provide advice, guidance and support.


ACT Veterans will be seeking feedback and training from the ACT Umpiring Committee for all officials involved in Vets. Our plan for next year include:

  • the Pre-season Club Challenge, an eight week season played from February til the start of the winter season
  • the Autumn season, a 10 week season running from April to June, and
  • Our winter season from July to October
  • the 2007 Summer season


ACT Veterans sends teams to a variety of 3-day carnivals throughout NSW, as well as the Australian Championships, a 10 day carnival held each October. Our hope is that umpires trained in our competition could fulfil our requirements at these carnivals. ACT Vets would subsidise travel and accommodation for any nominated participant. The standard of hockey in the NSW State and Australian Championships is very high, with all grades and divisions keenly fought. Participation is certainly seen as a prestigious achievement by all Australian umpiring associations.


Umpires will receive $18 per game. With two 60 minute games scheduled each Monday, an umpire can quite easily earn $38 for the evening or return $228 for the six weeks.